After you have any type of oral or dental surgery it is important that you follow the post-operative care from your dentist. At Sarina Dental Care, we want to minimise the amount of pain you are in. Please follow these instructions to help during post-op:
  1. If you have a gause over the affected area, please leave this on for at least one hour. After this time, the gause can be discarded. If desired, you can replace hourly.
  2. Avoid rinsing or touching the affected area, this may cause the area to start bleeding
  3. If you have prescribed pain medication, please take as you start to feel discomfort.
  4. Restrict activities the day of surgery, this includes heavy lifting and sports/ physical exercise. This can be resumed when you feel comfortable.
  5. Ice packs are a good way to reduce swelling and can also take away any discomfort.
  6. Do not smoke or have acidy or fizzy drinks after surgery, this can increase post-op pain and infection.
If you have any questions, please contact one of our friendly staff members and they will be happy to answer your questions.